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Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

Functions of the Committee


What is it and what does it do?

The Council Leader and his Cabinet are directly accountable for all of the services provided by the Council and make decisions on how the Council should run its services. The Cabinet is also known as the "Executive". The primary role of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee is to challenge the Executive.


The Overview & Scrutiny Committee works to:


  • Study the impact of Cabinet's policies and plans on the Communities of South Bucks
  • Make recommendations to Cabinet on whether new  policies or changes to existing policies are required
  • Debate issues of public concern
  • Monitor the way that services are provided
  • Consider changes to improve matters
  • The Committee also has responsibilities to scrutinise non-council matters such as policing,  transport and healthcare.


The role of the Councillors on the Committee is to:


  • Provide constructive and purposeful challenge to prompt executive reflection on policy development and decision-making
  • Conduct meetings in public which are open and transparent
  • Create the conditions for plural views and concerns to be taken into account, in particular those of minority groups
  • Reflect on the process and learn from experience and innovate by adopting different approaches for different aspects of the scrutiny function
  • Promote community well-being and improve the quality of life for residents in South Bucks.


If you want to see minutes and agendas or attend future meetings, please contact:


If you have any other enquiries about the work of the Committee please contact:

The Scrutiny Officer on 01895 837357


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Contact information

Support officer: Democratic Services. 01895 837236; Email: